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Cook Brothers Landscaping

Cultivating Joy

Cook Brothers is committed to the proper horticultural care of plants based on current scientific Best Management Practices. Our mission is to Cultivate Joy. Both for our clients, enjoying their landscapes and the oasis that a well taken care of garden can be. But also Cultivating Joy in our team members, we do this by hiring individuals who are passionate about the outdoors, whether plants, irrigation, hardscapes, or water features. We then empower them so that when your talking to a crew leader your talking to a decision maker who can resolve any issues and offer valuable insights on how to improve your landscape. So whether you have a large landscape or garden you'd like expertly cared for, have an idea for a new planting or landscape project or simply need quality maintenance services you can trust Cook Brothers to take care of you. When you boil all of it down the team at Cook Brothers Landscaping are 'Plant Nerds' who are excited to help you!

Brandon Cook

The Arborist

Brandon Cook a Kenmore native, has always had his hands in the dirt, starting his first neighborhood lawn route when he was 8 years old. As the years turn by he’s earned additional qualifications such as, Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture, a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, a Washington State Certified Pesticide Applicator, Certified Professional Horticulturist and holds a degree in Landscape & Restoration Horticulture from Edmonds Community College. With years of experience in landscape installation, lawn maintenance, lawn renovation, irrigation, fine pruning, tree climbing, and gardening there’s not much he hasn’t done.  Brandon loves empowering his team of plant happy employees to constantly be growing their knowledge, experience and ability to bring joy into your garden. You can reach Brandon at 425-595-3451, Extension #701.


Dane Bailey

Frond Man

Dane Bailey a Tennessee native has his background serving in the United States Navy, with his current focus and passion revolving around the proper and sustainable design, care and install of landscapes. Dane Bailey received his degree in Landscape Design from Edmonds Community College and is also a Washington State Certified Pesticide Operator. Dane’s passion for plants is apparent, with his eye for details and knowledge of plants big and small you know your in good hands when he’s onsite. He gets his nickname Frond Man from his passion for all things ferns. You can reach Dane at 425-595-3451, Extension #703.